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Changing Tina’s* life for the better

Tina was referred to YFS Legal by Queensland Health a year ago. She was going through domestic violence and struggling with mental health issues. Following a family court order she was living with her four children at her parents’ house. The father of the youngest child was still financially and emotionally abusing her.

YFS Legal supported Tina by creating a plan and setting some goals, including introducing routines to her children, organising her household, taking care of her mental health and increasing her safety. With YFS Lega's’ help, Tina re-established the family court order so that contact with her former partner would be supervised. She also applied for a protection order in which her three older children were actually included.

Through YFS Legal, Tina received legal advice and advocacy and gained money management skills. Today she feels safe for the first time in a while and she lives with her children in her own home.

* Not real name

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