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Rent and bond returned to Belle*

Belle had been renting a house for two years when a new Property Manager arrived. The Property Manager made on-the-spot inspections and was loud and overbearing. Belle gave a Notice of Intention to Leave and was prepared to pay some compensation until a new tenant was found.

The Property Manager claimed Belle’s bond immediately. He insisted that the property was still rented by Belle and afterwards informed her that he was unable to find a suitable tenant to mitigate the loss.  Belle paid the rent, although she was no longer living there, until a week before her tenancy was supposed to end.

Suncoast Community Legal Service assisted Belle with a detailed statement to QCAT. They disputed all other claims on Belle’s bond and the excessive amount of rent she had been charged when the Property Manager appeared to be making little attempt to let the property. QCAT awarded Belle all her bond money and also directed that $4,000 in rental money be returned to her.

*Not real name

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