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Never too old…

At 70 years old, Dorothy* found herself living at a women’s shelter after leaving her abusive husband of 45 years. Dorothy tried leaving a number of years prior, but ended up homeless and returned to the relationship.

Dorothy sought North Queensland Women's Legal Service assistance to negotiate a property settlement with her ex-husband. Dorothy was reluctant to finalise the property matters with her ex-husband as she feared for her safety and did not believe that she was entitled to anything as she had left the relationship.

After a number of appointments with North Queensland Women's Legal Service lawyers and North Queensland Women's Legal Service client support worker, Dorothy was able to find accommodation and the courage to commence property settlement negotiations.

North Queensland Women's Legal Service assisted Dorothy with commencing property settlement proceedings and represented her until the matter was finalised.

After a number of Court appearances and a mediation, Dorothy received a cash settlement and finalised her property matters with her ex-husband, to her immense relief.

*Not her real name.

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