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Teenager in need of protection

Gillian* is 17 years of age. She sought assistance with obtaining an urgent temporary protection order, due to the serious acts of domestic violence committed against her by her also young, former partner.

The acts included incidents of choking, as well as hacking of all of her social media sites and her personal email.

Gillian was extremely fearful of her former partner as he was continuing to contact her even after service of the application upon him. He begged her to withdraw the application and asked her to recommence the relationship, which would have been in breach of the temporary protection order which was in place.

The North Queensland Women's Legal Service lawyer supported Gillian throughout the process so that she could find the strength to continue on to a final hearing.

At the hearing, Gillian was relieved when she obtained a 5 year final protection order with several specific conditions to keep her safe.

*Not her real name.

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