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Helping Tom* and his son avoid homelessness

Tom and his son were renting a property. A new real estate agency took over as the property manager and a routine inspection was carried out.

Tom was issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach which stated the tenants had been smoking in the house. Neither of them smoke. When the property manager came back to check the breach was remedied they noticed there was still dust on the fans and a window sill.

Tom and his son were given a Notice to Leave. Tom required assistance with liaising with the lessor. He faced potential homelessness, which was exacerbated by a disability.

Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre sent a letter to the real estate agent on the same day as the initial appointment with Tom and requested the Notice to Leave for unremedied breach be withdrawn.

At 4pm on the handover day, the real estate agent agreed for the tenants to stay until the end of the fixed term. 

*Not his real name

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