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Mother's contact with daughter restored

Julie* had agreed for Liam to move with their daughter from Mackay, provided that she would be able to see their daughter in the new city monthly and be able to frequently call her daughter.

However, two years later she was having difficulty contacting her daughter or being able to see her daughter. She had not seen her for a year when she approached Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre.

Julie tried mediation through Legal Aid, but agreement was reached only on a small number of issues. The Community Legal Centre assisted Julie to file documents in the Federal Circuit Court seeking to change the orders and to seek make-up time with her daughter.

The Community Legal Centre explained the orders made by the Judge and what Julie needed to do to comply with them. They also assisted her to be able to see her daughter in Mackay from time to time, promoted communication strategies, and advocated for Julie's flights to be paid for equally by Liam. 

*Not her real name.

Legal centre: