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Kara's Blue Card injustice rectified

Kara* lived with domestic violence, had undiagnosed mental health issues and struggled to care for her disabled child. Her life spiralled downwards - she was binge drinking and one night she hurt the very people trying to help her. After this one-off offence, Kara got treatment, stopped drinking and decided to upgrade her health care qualifications.

However, she needed a Blue Card and was denied one due to her unrecorded criminal conviction. With many hours of pro bono legal help from barrister Bridget O’Brien, LawRight’s QCAT Duty Lawyer Service helped Kara have Blue Card’s decision reviewed and reversed. Kara’s supportive family wrote to us:  “a massive thank you to the Law Right team...thank you for all your hard work and understanding.”

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity.

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