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Hub Community Legal was able to assist Ryan when he was charged with a crime he didn't commit

Ryan*  had been charged with two offences based on his own false statements to investigating officers, both at his residence and when participating in recorded conversations at the police station.  However, when dropped back at home that night by police, Ryan indicated his earlier admissions were false and the next day he attended the local station to make an official retraction.

Ryan consulted Hub Community Legal when police refused to re-interview him and discontinue the charges.  This was despite the true offender attending the station and advising they were willing to accept and plead guilty to the charges.

Ryan did not wish to compound his foolish behaviour by pleading guilty to offences he did not commit. Whilst the police were clearly willing to accept such pleas, he was advised that doing this would technically constitute perverting the course of justice.

Hub Community Legal made repeated, unsuccessful submissions to police in an effort to have the charges discontinued.  Finally, on the day before the trial, the prosecution indicated their willingness to drop the two charges if Ryan accepted a single lesser charge of providing police with false information.  

As this charge exactly matched what Ryan admitted to doing, the case was finalised on this basis the next day in court. 

(*not his real name)

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