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Basic Rights Queensland helped Jane fight discrimination against pregnant woman

Jane* worked as a permanent part-time educator in the childcare industry for over eight years.

Her child was enrolled at the childcare centre she worked at, and Jane breastfed her child on her lunch break. Her Director made inappropriate comments in relation to her breastfeeding, failed to provide her with a comfortable space to breastfeed, and began altering her lunch breaks to ensure that they did not coincide with her child’s lunch break.

Jane informed the Director that she was pregnant and began being treated unfairly. For example, her duties altered, and her shifts reduced. Jane filed a Complaint in the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland for discrimination on the basis of breastfeeding, pregnancy and family responsibilities.

Working Women Queensland attended a conciliation conference as Jane’s representative and negotiated an exit package including a substantial sum of general damages and four weeks’ in lieu of notice.

Working Women Queensland also negotiated that at the end of her employment it would be recorded as a resignation, a detailed Statement of Service be provided, and a guarantee that the employer would provide a prospective future employer with an appropriate reference.

(*not her real name)

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