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Hub Community helped Aidan stand up for his rights

Aidan was on a disability pension due to a mental health condition. He owed approximately. $18,000 from personal loans and credit cards which he obtained when he was working.

Unfortunately, Aidan is now unlikely to ever have the money to pay the debts. Aidan was receiving many phone calls from debt collection agencies each week. 

Hub Community Legal wrote letters to the five agencies who claimed that he owed them money. Hub Community Legal provided evidence about his situation and explained to each agency that he had no money and they would not be able to take any money from his pension; that it was, in short, a waste of their resources to pursue the debt.

Four of the five agencies have waived his debts and the remaining one is still considering the issue.

Aidan no longer receives harassing phone calls and he says that he has much less anxiety due to the work undertaken by Hub Community Legal.

(*not their real name)

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