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Hub Community was able to help reunite a father and daughter

Hub Community Legal assisted James* to prepare an initiating application seeking parenting orders for his 7-year-old daughter. This followed several attempts at mediation that were cancelled due to James’s ex-partner’s refusing to attend.

James separated from his wife in 2014 and has been unable to maintain contact with his daughter until proceedings commenced in March 2019. 

James’s wife made allegations of domestic violence that were not upheld and there was no evidence of significant risk to the child. His wife had consistently refused to allow contact.  Even when agreement was reached involving James travelling from Wollongong to Brisbane to see his daughter, he was refused access when he arrived. 

Hub Community Legal represented James in the Federal Circuit Court and on the first court date, James successfully obtained interim parenting orders that allowed him to immediately resume contact with his daughter after having no contact for over four years.

James sent Hub Community Legal a moving email of thanks and a photo of his first contact visit with his daughter.

(*not his real name)

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