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Mackay CLC was able to protect Tanya and her child from domestic violence

Tanya* sought advice from Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre on family law matters in relation to her child.

Her ex-partner, Tom, had filed an Initiating Application seeking orders that he be informed of her address and an order for parentage testing. Tanya consented to the paternity test, which confirmed he almost certainly was the father.

There was a history of serious domestic violence including a threat to shoot Tanya with a gun he kept on the premises. Two Protection Orders were made naming him as the Respondent during their three-year relationship. 

Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre assisted Tanya to draft her Response to the Initiating Application, Affidavit and Notice of Risk. Tom then filed a Notice of Discontinuance, which ceased his involvement in the matter.

The Federal Circuit Court made orders giving Tanya sole parental responsibility in respect of all major long-term issues of the child. The order stated that the child was to live with Tanya and spend time with the Tanya as agreed between the parties.

 (*not their real name)

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