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Youth Advocacy Centre helped get Taylor* off the streets

Taylor* was 15 years old when she was referred to the Youth Advocacy Centre,  Youth Court Assist program in Brisbane.  

Taylor had been sleeping rough for several months after an irreparable family breakdown and the incarceration of her mother. Taylor’s offences were largely a result of her living on the streets. She had upcoming court matters that she requested assistance and support with as she had failed to appear on several occasions.  

The team from the Youth Advocacy Centre undertook assessment and case planning concerning Taylor’s housing and support needs and provided transport assistance and general support.  They also provided practical assistance and support to assist with issues that resulted in Taylor having legal issues including homelessness, trauma, family disconnection, substance use, mental health, living skills, income and general support. 

The team also provided outreach visits to a range of locations to ensure Taylor was supported to sustain her tenancy and provided emergency relief assistance including go-cards, food vouchers and a move-in package of essential items. This was all paid for through YAC generated funds. 

Once she was in short term housing the provided case co-ordination for Taylor to help find long term housing and referred her to the YASS Moreton Bay program for support as she had moved into their area.  

(*not their real name) 

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