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Queensland Advocacy Incorporated helped Simon access effective, affordable and mainstream services to meet his needs

Simon* is a young man living with various conditions that affect his mental and physical health.  

Simon had already applied for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) several times and had also had an unsuccessful Internal Review.  Because of this, he contacted Queensland Advocacy Incorporated for assistance.   

An NDIS Appeals Advocate assisted Simon to submit an external appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.  The Advocate also went to Legal Aid who organised two Case Conferences.   

Simon had a lot of evidence but although this provided an extensive history of his conditions and attempts to access care to improve these conditions, the evidence was not deemed to meet NDIS Access requirements, particularly around permanence and substantially reduced functional capacity.   

Despite trying every possible treatment and service that was available, Simon had found it frustratingly difficult to access effective, affordable mainstream services that met his needs. Over a period of many months, the advocate worked with Simon and his treating professionals to gather and collate evidence which aligned with NDIS requirements. Although the process became increasingly stressful, eventually Simon was granted NDIS access.   

 After years of fighting to become an NDIS participant, Simon was exhausted, and his conditions had deteriorated. Simon now needed to clarify his goals and support needs and prepare for his NDIS planning meeting.   

Through the Decision Support Pilot, the Queensland Advocacy Incorporated Advocate was able to continue to work with Simon providing continuity and could assist with liaising with a Support Coordination service.   

Simon’s NDIS Plan is now activated and he has been able to commence engagement with some services. This gradual approach will assist Simon with moving forwards, gaining control and making informed choices about his life and the services he receives.   

(*not their real name) 

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