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TASC helped Lucy* regain her sense of belonging within her community

Lucy* went to The Advocacy and Support Centre (TASC) National Disability Advocacy service for assistance in redress for historical child sexual abuse and for ongoing mental health supports.   

Lucy first presented to TASC as homeless and emaciated from long-term neglect. The Advocate linked the client into generalist community supports and facilitated referrals to housing organisations. Once Lucy had accessed secure housing, the Advocate supported Lucy to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme under psychosocial supports. Lucy was successful under the scheme and received a well-supported package based upon her goals.   

Lucy was then linked into a support agency that provided help with daily living skills, mentoring and general community access. Lucy was able to access training and volunteering assistance with the goal of finding employment. The physical wellbeing of the client improved, as did her sense of belonging and connection with her community.   

Lucy was then able to focus on compensation for past institutional abuse and physical violence. The Advocate provided Lucy with education for access to Victims of Crime and supported Lucy to write a submission for reparation. Lucy was successful in receiving monetary compensation for a past physical attack. The Advocate supported the client in applying for the Redress Scheme based on multiple incidences of institutional sexual abuse.   

The Advocate created a safe and supportive environment which enabled Lucy to feel comfortable to share her story for the first time and to manage the experiences throughout the ongoing casework. This journey has been monumental for Lucy in reclaiming her life and enhancing her wellbeing after the long-term physical and psychological harm she had endured. Advocacy seeks to ensure vulnerable people are able to have their voice heard on issues and safeguard their rights. Lucy reports that she has begun to recover from years of past transgressions and hopes to live her life in peace as an active community member.   

(*not their real name) 

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