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Youth Advocacy Centre helped Julia gain independence and get her learner’s permit

Julia* was couch-surfing. She was trying to increase contact with her child who was in care; however, her housing situation presented a significant barrier. Her housing situation had resulted because she had breached her probation order. She was referred to the Youth Advocacy Centre but shortly after she started engaging with the service her couch surfing situation broke down. There were no vacancies in supported accommodation.  

Julia was able to secure a private rental property with another family member. She identified two important goals: obtaining her learner’s licence and learning how to cook. Julia studied hard and passed her learner’s test. Youth Advocacy Centre then assisted Julia to obtain her learner’s licence permit. Julia is a resourceful and resilient young person who has worked hard to accrue her driving hours and is quickly developing a range of skills.   

YAC has also connected Julia to legal representation who undertook assessment and case planning concerning Julia’s housing and support needs.  They supported her in accessing temporary accommodation with the use of brokerage funds.  The team from the Youth Advocacy centre visited Julia fortnightly to help her maintain her private rental tenancy and focus on living skills including cooking and budgeting.  

(*not their real name) 

Legal centre: