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TASC National can help when your neighbour is not your friend

TASC National's client is a 73-year-old male. He was a musician in the sixties with some fame in England. On the door to his room is an old band photo. He has an uncanny resemblance to Michael Nesmith from The Monkees.  

In 2017 their client was admitted to hospital with a condition the doctors believed was terminal. Within a few days of being admitted, and while under heavy medication, his next-door neighbours had him sign an Enduring Power of Attorney. Within two weeks, the neighbours marketed his property for sale. It was sold approximately six months later.  

In the interim, TASC National's client recovered. He was relocated to an aged care facility where he discovered he no longer had a home. The house, a small pretty Queenslander was no longer his place of residence. Some of his furniture was sold and he had no idea if he still owned any personal chattels or where those items were stored. TASC was engaged to help unravel his legal situation.  

TASC National's client legally regained his full mental capacity and had the neighbours’ Enduring Power of Attorney revoked. TASC National, along with external support services, found him a rental home and organised to have his remaining possessions returned to him.   

In the next few months, TASC National will lodge an application with Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal using the changes in the Guardianship and Administration and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019 to apply for compensation. While this action will not recover his lost home, TASC National is hoping it will provide enough funds for him to buy a new one. 

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