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Youth Advocacy Centre helped Jacob get through the court process

Jacob* had a matter before the court relating to drinking.  This was Jacob’s first time in court, and he was unsure of the court process.  The Youth Advocacy Centre supported Jacob in completing the paperwork for the duty lawyer and the Youth Court Assistance Program worker talked through the court process. They discussed his current living situation and he stated he was currently staying with a friend and wasn’t on any Centrelink payments.   

Jacob said he was happy with his housing situation but was getting bored and getting into trouble because he did not have things to do on a daily basis. He wanted to find employment but was finding it difficult due to not having a current licence and ID. Jacob and the Youth Court Assistance Program worker discussed options in relation to paid traineeships and supported him to send a referral for a paid traineeship and helped Jacob’s attend a group information session about it the following week.  

(*not their real name) 

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