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TASC National helped Isobel to have a say in how she lives her life

Isobel* was referred to TASC National's Disability Advocacy Program after a plan to move her from her residence without her consent. 

The relocation would impact on the current care arrangements and see Isobel living in shared accommodation. Isobel had not been consulted or included in any decision-making and a relocation was contrary to Isobel’s expressed wishes.   

Isobel, in her early 50s, lives with Huntington’s Disease and a wide range of impairments resulting from her disability, including cognitive, physical and communication.  

An advocate met with Isobel to ascertain the specific matters of concern and clarify her wishes. Isobel sought to remain in her current residence.  Isobel was estranged from her family and under the guardianship of the Public Guardian and the financial administration of The Public Trustee. She also had support coordination and multiple service providers under her National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.   

The advocate contacted relevant stakeholders and attended stakeholder meetings on behalf of Isobel. The advocate ensured Isobel’s wishes were articulated and prioritised in all discussions and decision-making processes. The advocate also assisted Isobel with matters relating to her current funding arrangements under the NDIS. The advocate obtained further documentation relating to the client’s needs and submitted this at the NDIS Plan Review. Isobel’s funding was increased, and she was able to continue with her current care arrangements and remain living in her own home.   

The advocate was able to facilitate Isobel becoming better informed and central to the processes which impacted on her life. This had previously been ‘lost’ due to the complexities of funding arrangements and the high number of stakeholders. The advocate supported Isobel in achieving her desired outcome.    

(*not their real name) 

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