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Tenants Queensland helps Jade escape from a violent home

Jade* needed to end her tenancy early due to domestic violence. However, she was unable to get the support of the managing agent.  Jade rang Tenants Queensland distressed about her situation and anxious to know if there was anything she could do.   Her former partner had found out where she and her children were living. There was a risk of further physical and psychological abuse. 

Jade, who relies on Centrelink payments, was not in a position to manage the financial penalties associated with ending a lease early. She was supported via the phone and face-to-face meetings to complete a QCAT application to end her tenancy as well as a waiver of fees form.  A letter was written on her behalf to the agent advising of the action being taken and requesting for a second time, a solution to avoid Tribunal action.

After receiving the notice of hearing, the agent agreed to release Jade from the agreement if she was willing to withdraw her Tribunal application. Jade withdrew the application and Tenants Queensland drafted proposed terms and conditions for a Mutual Termination Agreement. This was sent to the agent and, upon reaching an agreement in writing, Jade withdrew her QCAT application for termination due to excessive hardship. Jade was then able to move her children and herself to a safer location and exit the tenancy early without financial penalty.

*not her real name

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