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2018 review of the National Partnership Agreement

We'll regularly update this page, to provide information to our members about the NPA review. This page was last updated on 3 October 2018.

Submissions to the NPA review close this Friday (5 October).

We've provided a second submission, which builds on our preliminary submission by:

  • Reinforcing the key points from the Preliminary Submission, in response to the questions in the NPA review discussion paper;
  • Capturing views from our members, about the NPA and related issues; and.
  • Providing case studies and examples of our sector’s work, relevant to the issues/questions raised by the NPA review’s discussion paper.

As members of the review’s advisory group, Community Legal Centres Queensland will provide feedback on Urbis’ preliminary findings at a workshop on 19 October, and review the draft NPA Review Report in November, in partnership with NACLC and other advisory group members.

Make a submission

You can make a written submission in response to the discussion paper. We have some suggestions about issues you might like to raise, and we provided an early submission to (a) help Urbis identify... > more


On 6 August 2018, Community Legal Centres Queensland director James Farrell presented a webinar for member CLCs to provide an update on the NPA review. The webinar covered: Remembering a world before... > more