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DV Capacity Building for CLCs Webinar: Domestic violence appeal case round-up

Stay up to date on DV (domestic violence) case law with this summary of Queensland DV cases, presented by Seraphina Noble of counsel.   This webinar will recap important older cases and recent appeal judgments.  The focus will be on points which will be of most practical use for lawyers advising or representing clients in DV matters, and will highlight some of the issues of integrated responses to domestic violence.  


DV Capacity Building for CLCs Webinar: Assisting respondents in domestic violence matters

Working effectively with respondents is a key part of keeping aggrieved parties safe in DV (domestic violence) matters, ensuring the smooth operation of DV courts, and helping to effect change in this area.  Many Community Legal Centre staff are working as DV duty lawyers; other CLC staff and volunteers are advising clients about DV matters and may need to develop these skills quickly.  Our presenters Rikki-Jane Buckland and Amelda Schrenk are solicitors at the Gold Coast Community Legal Service and work as DV duty lawyers in the Southport Magis

Assisting clients affected by substance use

Jeff Buckley is a Social Worker with 20 years’ experience in the youth homelessness and alcohol and drug sectors in both government and non-government roles.  He is currently the Director of Insight, a statewide alcohol and drug training and workforce development unit based in Queensland Health.  This presentation will provide an overview of patterns of substance use and dependence, including how these can impact upon our ability to assess capacity and consent.  The effects of crystal methamphetamine will also be discussed as well as strategies for

Best Practice in Legal Outreach

Vulnerable people experiencing a legal problem are unlikely to take proactive steps to seek legal assistance. Many people lack the resources or knowledge to access legal assistance, and may resign themselves to leaving legal issues unresolved. As such, outreach plays a vital role in delivering justice to Queensland’s most vulnerable and marginalised communities.

How to make use of the National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book and the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 Bench Book

The National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book was launched in 2017 and updated in 2018. The Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 Bench Book outlines the relevant law in Qld and suggested procedure for judicial officers.

While primarily developed to assist in training judicial officers in relation to domestic and family violence the resources are useful for practitioners and self-represented litigants.

How can Australia's social security system improve the support it provides to people experiencing family and domestic violence?

Income support can mean the difference between staying in an abusive relationship or leaving to rebuild a productive life, but how well does the social security system take into account family and domestic violence?

Changes to social security law and policy are currently under consideration or being implemented as a result of recent research into this question.