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How can Australia's social security system improve the support it provides to people experiencing family and domestic violence?

Income support can mean the difference between staying in an abusive relationship or leaving to rebuild a productive life, but how well does the social security system take into account family and domestic violence?

Changes to the social security law and policy are currentyl under consideration or being implemented as a result of recent research into this question.

DV Capacity Building for CLCs Webinar: Identifying domestic violence issues

NOTE: This webinar has been postponed, new date TBC - all current registrations will be automatically transferred to the new date

Clients experiencing domestic violence may not always present to a community legal centre identifying this as their issue. Community legal centre staff and volunteers may need to work through various legal and social issues to ensure that domestic violence is not missed. 

Lessons from the 2018 legal discipline cases (Ethics CPD Point)

The Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) empowers the Legal Services Commission to initiate and prosecute disciplinary proceedings against lawyers and law practice employees. Each year, the Commission prosecutes serious breaches of professional obligations through Queensland courts and tribunals.

In this webinar, Barrister Reimin Hii will examine the 2018 decisions and discuss the ethical issues raised in those cases, and the implications for legal practitioners.

Social enterprise for CLCs

The objectives of this webinar are to promote awareness and understanding of what social enterprise is, highlight some of the challenges faced by social enterprise and consider how some of these challenges might effectively be addressed. 

This webinar includes background to the emergence of social enterprise, examines what we know (and what we don't yet know), considers when social enterprise may be an appropriate and effective business model, and covers issues regarding social enterprise's hybrid nature, reporting and future developments. 

New income accounting requirements for NFPs

The new income accounting requirements contained in AASB 1058: Income of Not-for-Profit Entities became effective for not-for-profit entities (NFPs) from 1 January 2019. 

For some NFPs, these new requirements will facilitate them presenting more realistic financial depictions of their rights and obligations under grants and other similar types of arrangements. For many NFPs, however, the new requirements are likely to pose some significant interpretation and implementation challenges. 

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 10: Assisting LGBTIQ clients and young clients

This webinar will run for one hour, in two half-hour parts, with a short break mid-way. 

Renea Hart will draw on her experience as Principal Solicitor at the LGBTI Legal Service to discuss assisting LGBTIQ clients in DV matters. 

Natasha Pettit, currently on maternity leave from her role as Principal Solicitor at Youth and Family Services – Logan, will discuss assisting young clients.   

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 5: Responding to domestic violence in the workplace: building practice management skills

This webinar is relevant to everyone in a workplace. 

Our presenter Kerriann Dear is from Basic Rights Queensland, a state-wide specialist community legal centre providing free advice, advocacy and legal services to people having problems with social security or disability discrimination.   

This webinar will: 

  • Discuss the recognise/respond/refer framework for domestic violence in the workplace; 

  • Outline management responsibilities for supervisors and team leaders; 

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 7: Assisting clients with disabilities: building professional skills

Clients with disabilities who experience domestic violence are especially vulnerable, and need specialised assistance. 

Our presenter for this webinar is Leona Berrie, Project Manager from WWILD – Sexual Violence Prevention Association Inc. WWILD provides free counselling and support groups for people with intellectual disabilities who are survivors of crime or exploitation.    

In this webinar Leona will cover: 

  • Intersections between disability and gendered violence/domestic violence; 

*POSTPONED* DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 5: Assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients: building professional skills


Cultural competency is critical to providing effective services and minimising barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in need of legal services.