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Resources for veterans, active military personnel and their families

LawHelp Interactive hosts online forms created specifically for veterans and active military and their families. The forms have been available here since circa 2010, and are accessed through stateside Legal—a website managed by Pine Tree Legal Services. 

The website has a robust library of online forms. The forms were created in partnership with multiple legal aid providers, including Arkansas, and Kentucky. 

In 2016,  these online forms were accessed over 1000 times per month:

Most popular forms from January to December 2016:

1.       Power of Attorney for a Minor

2.       General Power of Attorney

3.       Motion to Stay Proceedings

4.       SCRA Waiver

5.       Letter Notifying Employer of Active Duty Absence

Other forms used frequently include: Durable Power of Attorney, Letter to Landord about SCRA Eviction Protections, Auto Lease Termination Letter, Security Deposit Letter, and Living will.

In addition on March 8, 2017—a new resource was launched to support and engage veterans and volunteers attorneys.  View a copy of this here

The platform includes information on how to appeal VA benefit decisions. This project is a partnership between Pro Bono Net and the Veterans Consortium