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Sector Digital Strategy

Stage 1: Digital Strategy Foundations

In late 2018, Community Legal Centres Queensland commenced Stage 1 of a project to develop a sector-wide Digital Strategy that will address how the community legal sector in Queensland approaches technology change, adoption and use. 

Following a face-to-face workshop and videoconference with the Digital Strategy Working Group, we have put together an initial report for the Digital Strategy work: 'Closing the Digital Gap - Foundations for a sector-wide digital strategy'. This report describes some of the technology needs and priorities we've identified for the sector, an approach for development of the Digital Strategy, and a framework to assist community legal centres and government to manage funding requests for technology and innovation initiatives.

Stage 2: Delivering the Digital Strategy 

In August 2019, the Digital Strategy Working Group was reformed to commence work on Stage 2 of the project, which builds on the Foundations work. In January 2020, Community Legal Centres Queensland finalised a comprehensive Digital Strategy Paper comprising of a digital vision and roadmap for the sector moving forward, with supporting resources to be delivered over the coming months. 

You can download both the Foundations Report and Digital Strategy Paper, as well as supporting documents including PowerPoint presentations from the workshop sessions below. 

Digital Strategy Resources

Practical resources and information to support the Digital Strategy work in your community legal centre.  > more