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Upcoming events

CLCA Emergence - Changing face of the court system & impact of technology on the law

In this masterclass, hosted by LexisNexis, the panellists will discuss the rapid response of the court to COVID-19 through... > More

Introduction to the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Wondering how your organisation's volunteer involvement is going? The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement provide a... > More

Mental Health First Aid

The Mental Health First Aid course teaches you how to provide support to adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis... > More

What next for Robodebts?

In May 2020, the Federal Government announced that it would refund $721mil in debts recovered though its 'robodebt' online... > More

Visa Cancellation Webinar

Experienced migration agent and lawyer Neha Vaidyanathan, who heads RAILS new Visa Cancellation program, will discuss the... > More

Engaging and working with interpreters webinar

Join us for this free webinar to learn how to access and engage with a certified interpreter. We'll provide some tips for... > More

WLS Sexual Assault Counselling Privilege

Description: Presented by Julie Sarkozi, Counselling Notes Protect Lawyer that will assist those that work with survivors of... > More

Human rights at the Mental Health Review Tribunal: Advising and assisting people under involuntary orders

New date! Please note this webinar has reached capacity. The Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) (HRA 2019) contains a number of... > More

CLCA Emergence - Opportunities for Movement Lawyering in Australia: What is it and how can we apply it?

Movement lawyering is an alternative model of public interest advocacy and litigation that has gained significant traction... > More

Using your learned knowledge for volunteer management

Hear from your Peers: Using your learned knowledge (Webinar) In this session Annette Lourigan, the Volunteer Village... > More