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Upcoming events

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 3: Practical legal ethics & working together for DV clients

Workers assisting clients experiencing domestic violence face daily challenges in providing wrap-around services by working... > More

'Practicalities of parenting matters with Child Safety involvement: The interrelationship between family law and child protection

Where there have been allegations of serious child abuse in family law matters, the Department of Communities (Child Safety... > More

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 5: Assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients: building professional skills

Cultural competency is critical to providing effective services and minimising barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait... > More

What will the Human Rights Act 2019 do for children with disabilities in Queensland schools?

A free event for parents to better understand the new ‘right to education’ and complaint options. In 2019 Queensland will... > More

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 6: Assisting elder clients: building professional skills

Community legal centres have been at the forefront of tackling elder abuse, including domestic violence, including through... > More

Institutional Abuse: Commonwealth Redress Scheme and Civil Litigation Overview

Since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual abuse was announced in 2012, Maurice Blackburn... > More

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 7: Assisting clients with disabilities: building professional skills

Clients with disabilities who experience domestic violence are especially vulnerable, and need specialised assistance.  Our... > More

DV Capacity Building for CLCs - Webinar 8: Responding to domestic violence in the workplace: building practice management skills

This webinar is relevant to everyone in a workplace.  Our presenter Kerriann Dear is from Basic Rights Queensland, a state-... > More

National Access to Justice and Pro Bono Conference

The biennial National Access to Justice and Pro Bono Conference began in 2000 as the National Pro Bono Conference before... > More

QLS Symposium 2019 - Date Claimer

Hear from the experts Hear from leading experts including magistrates, judges and industry experts and expand your knowledge... > More