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De-criminalising Coercive Control with Leigh Goodmark

Author, lawyer and professor, Leigh Goodmark, speaks on the highly debated topic of criminalising coercive control in... > More

Improving your collaboration and insights – a deeper dive into the Office 365 suite

So you’ve moved your email to Office 365, what’s next? Office 365 (and Microsoft 365) isn’t just a tool that manages your... > More

Board inductions for not-for-profit organisations

Whether you’re a new board member or you’ve been doing it for a while, there’s always more to learn. What’s the role of the ... > More

Your 2021 Social Media Strategy

Have you been managing social media without a plan? 2021 is the year to get an adaptable and repeatable social media... > More

Do you know your information risks? – Security, Privacy, Record keeping

If information security, privacy and recordkeeping risks and compliance are on your mind, you’re not alone. As organisations... > More

Tips for starting the year on the right foot

After all the challenges 2020 threw at charities, starting 2021 on the right foot is vital. This webinar will look at some... > More

Newsletter planning and writing for success and action bootcamp

Join SEO Copywriter, Communications Strategist and children's book author, Andrea Rowe and learn how to plan, write and... > More

Managing legal risk with a diverse volunteer workforce

Can you hire someone if they’ve got a criminal record? How should you look after an older volunteer in a pandemic? What can... > More

Who's who in the (new) government zoo?

Advocacy is in the community service sector’s DNA, but mystifying government processes can frustrate the best laid plan.... > More

Getting the most out of Zoom and other video conferencing tools

Join Connecting Up for this online event where they will run through what Zoom is and how to get the more out of it - from... > More