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Success stories

Youth Advocacy Centre helped get Taylor* off the streets

Taylor* was 15 years old when she was referred to the Youth Advocacy Centre,  Youth Court Assist program in Brisbane.   > more

Collaboration to help a refugee

Rina* is from a refugee background, speaks English as a second language, and has a history of trauma, anxiety and depression. She is living between friends and is at risk of homelessness. > more

Lawyers collaborate to get Cairns man back to work

‘James*’, a 64-year-old man living in a rural area west of Cairns, lost his job and his employer-provided housing  after he sustained a workplace injury. > more

LawRight helped Sheila when she risked losing her home

 Sheila’s* small business dreams turned to nightmares when she had trading difficulties and couldn’t pay down a $10,000 debt > more
Legal Aid

QAI helps John* get back his independence

John was diagnosed with a cognitive impairment and a persistent depressive disorder. > more
LawRight better response to mental illness

LawRight helps Clare receive a better response to mental illness

Clare* is 39 years old and has a part-time job. She lives with her parents and hopes to attend university one day. > more

Roger* wins time to heal from injury

Roger is in his 80s and lives by himself. In late 2017, his landlord did some plumbing work in the yard and left a mound of dirt uncovered. > more

LawRight assists Theresa return home

Theresa is a young mother who suffered significant long-term injuries from her partner’s attacks. > more

With a little help from Basic Rights Queensland  Sarah was able to get on top of her debt

Basic Rights Queensland represented Sarah* at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal regarding a debt of approximately $14 000 for overpayment of education-related payments and for a mobility allowanc > more

Children's safety comes first

Helen* was in deep conflict with the father of her children in relation to the arrangements for their children. > more