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Human Rights for Queenslanders

The Human Rights Act 2019 was passed by the Queensland government in February 2019. It seeks to protect 23 human rights, drawn from three international conventions. The Act will officially commenced on 1 January 2020. Community Legal Centres Queensland is currently working on a CLC implementation project, to assist CLC's to be Human Rights Act ready, which includes the development of an implementation toolkit, fact sheets, a webinar series and training. 

Human Rights in your CLC

The first part of this project involved the development of a Toolkit to assist you with ensuring your CLC is operating in compliance with the Human Rights Act. This includes ideas for continuing to embed a human rights culture in the workplace, a review of policies, procedures and strategies, as well as continuous improvement. This is an evolving document and we would love any feedback on different ideas and strategies that you are implementing in your CLC.


Community Legal Centres Queensland held a day of Human Rights training in March 2019, presented by Human Rights Consultant Ben Schokman. The training was for front-line workers and focused on how the new laws can be used as an advocacy tool for clients and communities. Information included in the session, and references to the source material can be found below, along with other Human Rights resouces. 

We will be rolling out a comprehensive suite of training and CLE materials in 2020.


Register here for the first of 2020's Human Rights webinar program - Using the Human Rights Act to advocate for clients with a disability.

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