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People with disability

Community Legal Centres Queensland believes that people with a disability are entitled to the fulfilment of the same rights as every other individual. 

Community Legal Centres Queensland supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Community Legal Centres Queensland advocates

  • funding for respectful care for all persons;
  • accessible public housing;
  • the end of ‘forced co-tenancy’;
  • elimination of ‘restrictive practices’ currently regulated under the Disability Services Act 2006;
  • that service delivery in the Disability Services Act 2006 should reflect human rights principles;
  • the full funding and implementation of the NDIS and NIIS, including:
  • Early diagnosis and commitment to provision of adequate levels of appropriate support throughout life;
  • Persons with disability have control, to their maximum extent possible, over support services provided
  • inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of public life;
  • the expansion of anti-discrimination legislation to enhance human rights of people with disabilities;
  • supported decision-making for people with impaired capacity;
  • adequate treatment and/or support for people in prison with a disability.

Listed below are a range of research papers, submissions, news articles and items of interest that provide additional information on this subject area.


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